Top 5 Growing Industries to Watch Out

Looking for the right industry to invest is a tricky one. Luckily, we’ve listed out the top 5 booming industries that you could choose from.


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

If Google and Apple are investing in robots, then maybe you should do too! In 2016, $3 billion went to the robotics industry, highlighting the demand and profitability of robotics in the near future.

3D Printers are receiving the same treatment as well. It’s a relatively new technology, but experts are predicting that it will hit over $35 billion in 2020. Thus, this makes it one of the industries in the field of technology to look out for!


Another thing that you should consider investing in is Artificial Intelligence. Just this year, Amazon Echo and Google have used AI as “helpers”. The value of these “helpers” have increased to 24 million this year, showing a heavy demand and a great future for AI.


Virtual Reality

With the release of VR hardware like the Oculus Rift headsets, the virtual reality industry has been booming. The industry has made a $4.6 billion revenue in 2017, showing a great potential in the industry.


In addition, virtual reality industry has been collaborating with the video game industry – with great results! Pokemon Go, the virtual reality video game, made waves as it made $600 million three months after its release.


Healthcare and Biotechnology

With an aging population, healthcare services for the elderly are predicted to be the two industries to receive big demands. Physical therapy is one of the understaffed, but high in demand industries in the US. Its stock price rose from $20.70 in 2012 to $70 in 2017.


On the other hand, biotechnology is expected to bring a comeback in 2017. While some governments are critical about it, biotechnology is an industry that promises great returns. As people get older, demands on pharmaceutical drugs will surely increase.


Translation and Interpretation Services

Big companies like Google and Skype are investing aggressively in translation and interpretation services. This is because almost everyone wants to communicate in a personal manner and with the language of their choice.  


It is clear that there is a huge demand for this industry, and the supply is ready to match it. Experts predict a 30% increase of translation and interpretation jobs, with huge investment returns to match!



The green energy industry has a bright future ahead of it. Wind energy has become popular because it is relatively cheaper to produce. Because of this, experts estimate that wind turbine service technician jobs should increase by 104% from 2014 to 2024.


At the same time, the solar energy industry is also growing. Solar photovoltaic installers are expected to increase by 25% from 2014 to 2024.


While these industries hold promise, it is still important to remember that investing is like gambling. Though, if you are looking for the industries that hold great potential for your investments, these five industries are for you. Get over your depression quotes and start investing now!