Top 5 Growing Industries to Watch Out

Looking for the right industry to invest is a tricky one. Luckily, we’ve listed out the top 5 booming industries that you could choose from.


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

If Google and Apple are investing in robots, then maybe you should do too! In 2016, $3 billion went to the robotics industry, highlighting the demand and profitability of robotics in the near future.

A Checklist Before Investing In The Stock Market



There are a few roads to wealth that don’t involve an investment of some sort, whether in a vanilla retirement fund or riskier but potentially more lucrative instruments such as publicly traded shares. A “stock” can be shared in a company, but a “stock market” is also where meat animals are bought and sold. In both usages of the term, some of those involved are going to get slaughtered.…

The Differences Between Speculating And Investing



Every field has its jargon. This is not a way to exclude outsiders from the discussion, but simply how language has evolved to deal with concepts that can’t adequately be described using existing terms. Just as “profit” and “return” aren’t the same thing, investing and speculating are subtly different activities.

Essentially, investing is simply more conservative than speculating. There’s no definite line separating the two, and the same investor may follow a strategy incorporating aspects of both. The essential difference is that investing is most concerned with securing the value of the principal, while speculating means being willing to run greater risks, betting that the investor’s superior knowledge, market access or system will be enough to “beat the market” and generate returns that others can’t match.…

4 Mental Traps Investors Should Never Fall Into



Baseball, flirting and investing all have a large mental or psychological component. In the first two cases, everything is about confidence, but in investing, confidence can be a burden if it’s not justified.

You can choose your lottery numbers in any way you wish, but making and liquidating investments should be done based on facts and nothing else. Our minds evolved to deal with the threats and opportunities found on the Serengeti plain, not the NYSE, yet we still try to apply the same mental paradigms to things like investing. In addition, our subconscious fears and hopes influence our decisions to a greater degree than most of us realize. Mechanisms like these have an effect on every investor, but a few of the most common psychological pitfalls deserve a special mention.

Until you can manage your mind, do not expect to manage money.” – Warren Buffet


Top Investing Tips for Beginners

Love the idea of investing? You are not alone! There are truly millions of people around the world who want to invest a little money into stocks. However, while investing can seem like the ideal adventure, it isn’t without its risks. For example, you are putting money into this adventure and while one stock or currency looks like it’ll improve over time, it instead takes a nose dive. That is the unlucky side of investing. Of course, there are some happy stories to come from it all. When you’re a beginner, everything looks great but it’s also a scary time too. So if you are needing help with investment, read on to find a few little investment tips for beginners today.…

Stress and High Finance

Dealing with high finance issues? If you are, you’re probably stressed! Stress affects millions of people on a daily basis and, for the most part, it’s because of their jobs. Now, you don’t have to have a particularly stressful time at work but when you are in charge of important things such as money, everything is a worry. When you are dealing with high finance, you have stress and it’s getting to a lot of people. However, why is it that people dealing with high finance jobs bring on an attack of stress?…

Buy high, sell low

Everyone has heard the phrase, ‘buy low, sell high’ but what about buying high to sell low? Okay, so that prospect doesn’t sound too appealing but it’s not as bad as you might think. Buying stocks that are a little higher in value might be the ideal way to get a solid stock investment, and when you sell it’s not that you’re going to take a huge loss. Can buying high and selling low really be prosperous or is it the fastest way to lose money? Read on to find out a little more about investing and how caution needs to be given.…