Best Treatments For Financial Advisors With PTSD 

Being a financial advisor can be stressful work. The work of one is more than the spreadsheets and the numbers. One wrong move from a financial advisor can immediately wipe out his client’s entire savings. This mistake can cause a tremendous amount of stress to them. Aside from the stress, some advisors also experience anxiety, insomnia, self-doubt, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Getting Back Into The Stock Market Game


Suffered from a recent bust in the stock market? Took a break from stocks for the family? Focused on a different goal for a while?


There several reasons why investors may have second thoughts about getting back to stocks. Whatever reason it may be, not everyone can easily jump right back in. Here are some tips for those who want to start investing again.


Re-asses your tolerance for financial risk


Take some time to reflect on how much risk you are willing to take in your investments. This looks at your emotional capacity to deal with stocks. Think about past investments you have made: how well did they turn out?


Take note especially of any losses you may have had in the past. Did these send you into a panic? Did you undergo depression? This is an important consideration.  It helps to know how you can help yourself when this happens such as by reading about it in sites such as Betterhelp. That way you can understand better, and be more prepared to go through potential losses.…