Stock Market Crash Linked To Anxiety, Self-Harm And Suicide Of Traders

The stock market is a risky place to put your investments. Gold and bonds can be invested in this platform. Its return can be auspicious especially if the economic trend is soaring high. However, if the market goes down, it is indeed a sad day for the traders as there is a possibility that they’re going to lose a lot of money. It can significantly affect your bank account balance and even their retirement savings. However, in some cases, this does not only change moneywise but the person’s overall wellbeing as well. (For some, the effect is so bad that they need online therapy for immediate support and help.)…

Stock Market Anxiety Syndrome

Doctors now have a precautionary warning for those who regularly invest in the stock market: watch out for any signs of mental and physical ailments that coincide with the ups and downs of the markets. Financial reporter, Frank Feng, found he had transformed into a completely different person after he started spending more time investing in stocks. He used to be a workaholic with an active social life—now he’s been reduced to this tremendously jittery and moody man who could fall apart any second. If his stocks failed to go up, his temper would flare up disturbingly. He would become incandescent—he’d be throwing tantrums, screaming out for no good reason. As the stocks continued to bear, Feng became increasingly depressed. Feng recalled, “For several days after the fall happened, I was so depressed and regretful that I did not want to do anything or say one word.” It came to the point that his family asked for him to see a therapist.

The Art Of Trade: Investing In the New York Stock Exchange

The world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization is the New York Stock Exchange. As of February 2018, market capitalization was around US$30.1 trillion. “The Big Board” is located at 11 Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City, newyork. It facilitates trade in 21 rooms and serves as a marketplace for buying and selling around 9.3 million stocks a day.

Investing in the stock market will always be hard. Equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and information increases your chances. You need to prepare to lose money before venturing out to the stock market. The risk will always be there but remember: the higher the risk, the bigger the reward.…

How To Survive Losses From Stock Market Investments

Investing your money is one of the essential lessons that you need to master in life. It is imperative on your part to learn the secret rules and procedures necessary when it comes to making investments. The first thing that you need to remind yourself is the significance of knowing where to put your hard earned money. Keep in mind that one wrong move can force you to declare bankruptcy, which will eventually harm your family.

While you do not foresee to experience losses in your investments, particularly in the stock market industry, it is still ideal for you to learn some of the strategies to follow in case It happens in the future. Always remember that it is better to be prepared because you will never find out what will happen in the future. In the meantime, all you have to do is to study the market thoroughly before you make any investment. Avoid making rash decisions because it may lead to irreversible mistakes or errors.

If the worst things happen, here are some of the tips to remember:


Never Panic

It can be devastating to realize that all your investments have gone down the drain. You will have a hard time to adjust during this time. However, you must never lose your focus. As much as possible, keep your cool so that you can think clearly. If you will panic, then there is a high tendency that you will not be able to control the potential damage. Take note that the more you panic, the less logical you become. If it continues to happen, you have nowhere to go but down.


Accept The Reality

Stop dwelling on the past and find a way to face the present in a smarter way. Accept the fact that you made some wrong decisions in the past that resulted in your loss. Be responsible for owning up to your mistakes and do not blame others for what happened. Sometimes, all you must do is to learn the art of acceptance. In so doing, you can have a better assessment of where you made an error in judgment. At the same time, it would also help you think of proper methods to get back on track.


Talk To A Friend

Do not keep all the problems to yourself. Think of all the people around you who would be willing to extend their support and assistance. During such a difficult and challenging moment in your life, it would be easier on your part to shut people away. You may think that no one is around to help you survive the financial crisis. Well, you thought wrong because the truth is that several friends of yours or even family members are interested in reaching out to you. Be honest when it comes to talking or conversing to them so that you will receive a piece of honest and truthful advice. Never misinterpret their caring words to avoid conflict.


Divert Your Attention

While you are still going through the process of grieving and moving on from a lost investment, make sure to find a way to search for a new passion. Look for a new interest that can keep you busy. You have to find something that will take your mind off the financial problem. However, it is best to avoid making another investment because your judgment may be clouded. Aside from this, it can be risky on your part to take such action.


Consult With An Adviser

Do not hesitate to get in touch with a financial adviser who can provide you with an assessment of why you experienced losses in your stock market investment. At this point, it is crucial to note that there is a necessity on your part to understand the errors that you did in the past. Let the said adviser give you an idea on where you did wrong so that you can avoid it in the future. Moreover, his expertise in the field of business and finance can also enlighten your mind on what to do next after experiencing a devastating financial loss.


Go On Vacation

Sometimes, you have to consider running away for a short period to think about what went wrong. Do not think that doing such an activity is an indication of weakness. Instead, interpret such action as a manifestation of how strong and determine you are to bounce back from such an unfortunate event. Bring your entire family on an out of town trip or go for overseas vacation, whichever is more comfortable and exciting for you. Nonetheless, it is best if you would choose a destination that will not cost too much money.

As a conclusion, always find time to remind yourself that your failure in the past does not guarantee failure in the future. Take note that you can survive this challenge as long as you know how to use your mind properly.



How To Fight Stress When Trading

Working under a lot of stress is a natural thing when you live and breathe the stock market world.   That’s a fact you need to accept and conquer in order to be effective in making money.  To last long in the industry, you must be knowledgeable regarding financial markets, must have the guts and experience, and must possess patience and perseverance.   Well, that sounds really tough.

Being tough in the face of stress is also an attitude needed if you want to succeed as a stock trader.  Stress can affect your performance in any unimaginable circumstances that may arise.  It could affect not only your mood and profit but your health and relationship as well.  So, if you will decide to be a part of the stock market world, you must be ready and prepared not just mentally but physically as well.


Mental Pressure In Trading

According to experts, trading is one of the most stressful jobs.  Not only do you have to make a lot of decisions, but you have to do them fast.   Your choice must be right or else you’ll end up losing your everything.  Stress arises on a daily basis.  Even when you’re outside the workplace, stress follows you.  Pressure is that high that some of the new kids on the block end up quitting.


Success Comes With The Ability To Combat Stress

But once you are able to conquer the stress, you’ll probably perform better and end up more profitable.  That is why it is essential to learn how to manage the pressure brought by being involved in the stock market.


Do Not Always Go With Your Instinct

I can’t consider myself as a veteran when it comes to trading, but I’ve been here for quite a while now.  The first lesson I’ve learned is not to always go with my instinct.  It may work for some other things, but not always with trading.


Following your basic instinct (to panic and to buy) is a habit that is very hard to break.  There are times when you got to learn to convince yourself to go the opposite way.  You got to ignore what the voice in your mind is telling you if you aim to be profitable.  Trading isn’t your easy money business, but the exact opposite actually.


Going with your instinct at the beginning could make you feel good.   But in the long term can be the source of your stress which you will take with you even when you hit the bed.  Talking to yourself, blaming yourself, “I should not have done it.”  “I should have been more patient.”


Get Educated

The second thing I did is to make myself well versed on how I could keep my ball rolling.


Reading books, attending seminars, and chatting with seasoned traders will help you do the trick and be profitable.  There are psychology books for traders which could help you when and when not to follow your instincts.  You’ll learn the tricks from experts – quantitative analysts and successful investors – on how to develop a mindset like that of a real accomplished trader.


One seasoned trader told me to avoid my instinct to panic.  Once I do, that is when I’ll start making irrational decisions.  I got to learn to master the stress of the game, or else it will make me quit.


The arena can make you feel excited at first, but not after you got the taste of losing, blowing one account to another.  Stress kicks in hard and you might just see yourself giving up.  Getting yourself educated on how the rules work in that arena will help you to set aside your emotion and think of what would be right.


Trading may not always be about winning or making money easier, but about cutting your losses to a minimum.   When you decide to be in the stock market world, you must learn to eat stress and not let stress eats you.…

Top 5 Growing Industries to Watch Out

Looking for the right industry to invest is a tricky one. Luckily, we’ve listed out the top 5 booming industries that you could choose from.


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

If Google and Apple are investing in robots, then maybe you should do too! In 2016, $3 billion went to the robotics industry, highlighting the demand and profitability of robotics in the near future.

A Trader’s Health Story

John is turning 36 years old this coming December. Only 2 months shy of his birthday, he collapsed all of a sudden and was brought to the hospital where he was then diagnosed to have cerebrovascular accident or stroke. He is in the prime of his adult life and yet this is his current situation right now. One thing that can be attributed to why he just suffered a stroke at a very young age is his current occupation – John is a stock market trader.…