A Trader’s Health Story

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John is turning 36 years old this coming December. Only 2 months shy of his birthday, he collapsed all of a sudden and was brought to the hospital where he was then diagnosed to have cerebrovascular accident or stroke. He is in the prime of his adult life and yet this is his current situation right now. One thing that can be attributed to why he just suffered a stroke at a very young age is his current occupation – John is a stock market trader.

What is a Stock Market Trader?

To put it simply, they buy and sell stocks. The financial world what are the responsibilities of a trader. Traders engage in buying and selling bonds, stocks, futures, and shares in hedge funds. A stock trader also conducts extensive research and observation of how financial markets perform. But to a layperson, the job of a trader can be complicated especially when you see them work. It’s too risky and so stressful. Well, yes, it’s a stressful occupation and there are accompanying health hazards identified in this job.

Health Hazards

The premise of this discussion lies in the fact that medical conditions don’t just happen by magic. There are certain factors or elements that lead to the development of these medical disorders. In the case of our topic, the main reason is stress. Unmanaged and repeated exposure to stressful situations can predispose the person to the following:

• Dietary problems
• Alcohol drinking
• Smoking
• Lack of sleep and rest
• Lack of exercise
• Constant worrying and increased levels of anxiety

If not controlled, this continuous bombardment of the physical and psychological dimensions can lead to fatal medical conditions like hypertension, heart attack, stroke, depression, panic attacks, alcoholism, substance abuse and much more.

Work Life Balance

One should know that it takes balance in work and life in order to continue living. We need to work in order to live. But we don’t have to work always in order to experience life. Just like any other occupations, if one is not careful and aware of his or her limits, there are certain tendencies that the adverse effects can be experienced instead.

Lifestyle coaches recommend shifting your work into playtime so much that you are enjoying what you do rather than feeling too stressed out and exhausted at the end of each day. Other strategies to consider are the following:

• Make time for yourself. Go to the spa and always plan a vacation even for just once a year.
• Practice time management and make use of your time wisely and productively.
• As much as possible, don’t multi-task.
• Enjoy the company of your friends.
• Don’t bring work at home.
• Learn something new. Enroll in a culinary class or art classes.
• Be spiritual and connect with your inner self.

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Get Professional Help

Sometimes traders also experience psychological conflicts. Studies have shown that there is an increasing number of depression resulting in suicide incidents among traders. If you know this in a person, immediate action should be taken and a referral to a mental health professional is highly recommended. There are a lot of good sites for therapists that can help, even providing talk therapy online, in matters of emotional and psychological problems.